Unlocking Shoulder Pain:
Decoding Joint Misalignment and Restoring Balance

Unlocking The Mystery of Shoulder Pain:
Decoding Joint Misalignment and Restoring Balance

The shoulder’s design is a marvel of mobility and power that evolved from thousands of years of climbing, crawling, throwing, catching, pushing, pulling, hunting, & carrying heavy objects. Its evolution was dependent on these various activities, and its continued function depends on a similar variety of movement.

Unfortunately, today’s world simply doesn’t require the same movement as yesteryear. In fact, it doesn’t require much movement at all. Instead of facing a world that demands movement for survival, staying active today is a choice (one that must be balanced with all the other choices and responsibilities of modern life).

Challenges of Modern Society

Absent a choice to move more, modern society allows us to exist with our arms confined to a three-by-four-foot box from the armpit to the mid-thigh. Reaching overhead, lifting heavy objects, reaching down to the ground – these movements are being increasingly unnecessary in modern society. Think about it – when was the last time you painted a wall, crawled underneath something, or reached behind your body with both arms?

The shoulder is designed to easily carry out all these movements, but when we don’t use them, we run the risk of losing them. The muscles that help facilitate the movement of our arms inside our 3’ x 4’ box of comfort get regular use, but the muscles that power movement outside this 3’ x 4’ box become tight and weak from inactivity. This imbalance restricts the function of the shoulder and increases the likelihood of pain and injury.

As our range of motion becomes compromised, even movements inside our 3’ x 4’ box of modern movement can become challenging and painful. And, since we use our arms and hands for so many of our daily tasks, even slight limitations in movement or small twinges of pain can quickly escalate into disruptive and debilitating problems.

The good news is misaligned shoulders and restricted joint function aren’t permanent problems. You can realign your shoulders, regain mobility, and return to living an active, pain-free life.

The human body is designed to adapt to its environment and the stimuli placed upon it. Most shoulder pain (and many injuries) result from imbalanced movement and muscle activity. Simply give your body the stimulus necessary to restore balanced muscle function and you will be well on your way to realigning your shoulders and eliminating your pain. 

Yes, you will likely need to choose to give your body this stimulus, as modern society continues to replace physical activity with increasingly sedentary lifestyles. But it’s an easy choice if it means feeling better, moving better, and ultimately living better. Contact The Egsocue Method today!

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