The Science of Attraction

How Looking Good and Feeling Good Are Linked


February is the month of love.  For most of us, feeling good extends beyond living without physical pain.  Being loved, by others and ourselves is a key ingredient for happiness in life.  

So what is it that we find attractive in others? We all have our own individual preferences, but there are things that consistently draw us into the fold.  And there are similarities between the physical attributes that make us attractive and those that help keep our bodies pain-free.

Many of us have been told to stand up straight and hold our heads high throughout childhood, social interactions, and business relationships. That’s because subconsciously we attribute positive traits toward people who have good posture or attempt to display a higher degree of symmetry, balance, and alignment. This subconscious attractiveness calculation is backed by science. 

Studies have demonstrated that we consistently find individuals with higher levels of facial symmetry to be more attractive.  The reason?  Much like our musculoskeletal system is designed to be a mirror image from left to right, facial symmetry is thought to denote quality health and resilience to challenges in our environment, attributes that make for a good mate.

Good Posture
Body posture also plays a role in attractiveness.  We consistently find individuals with expansive postures to be more attractive than those with constrictive postures. Postures that elongate our spine, extend our hips, and open our chest are thought to signify strength.  Sitting up straight is linked to higher levels of confidence than a slumped sitting posture.  We are intuitively attracted to good posture because of its association with these desirable personality traits.

Look Good.  Feel Good.
The links between looking good and feeling good don’t end with physical attraction.  Good posture is linked to higher levels of self-esteem and a stronger sense of purpose.  In addition, good posture positively impacts health in a variety of ways including improved breathing, better blood flow to the brain, decreased cortisol levels (the stress hormone), and improved digestion.

The opposite also holds true.  Yes, poor posture makes us less attractive, but it also negatively impacts our health, increasing the likelihood we experience pain or injury, depressing mood, and increasing anxiety.

Improve Your Posture
The good news?  You can easily influence your posture and reap all the physical and mental benefits of a more balanced and aligned body.  At Egoscue, we believe good posture is the key to living a pain-free life, but we also know that is just the start of the impact posture has on our health and well-being.

Good posture is the foundation for living the life you love – whatever that looks like.  Whether you are looking to get out of pain, move more, or improve your overall health, good posture can help you get there.  And that same good posture can help you tap into the extra boost of confidence that comes from feeling attractive.

Is there a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Month?  Give yourself a little extra self-love with simple posture-improving exercises you can do anywhere.  And spread the love by sharing the benefits of good posture with your family and friends.

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