Fran Adams

Exercise Therapist

Egoscue of Philadelphia


Fran was a chronic pain patient going on 30 years before discovering Egoscue. Growing up playing competitive contact sports, he is no stranger to injury-but as he got older, he was in awe with the pain those old injuries conflicted. After years of surgeries, medications, clinical trials, shots and discussion of amputation of his right arm, he was ready to try just about anything to get rid of his daily dose of pain. At the time, Egoscue of Westchester had a travel clinic to Plymouth Meeting. Fran went for his first appointment and very soon he became a believer in The Method. He enrolled in The Egoscue Institute, where he received his Advanced Exercise Therapist certification. Today, with The Method he is able to manage his own pain, and works with clients to help them understand and manage their own struggles.

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