The Surprising Source of Headaches

Many clients come into the clinic for head- aches and positional vertigo after having undergone extensive testing (including repeated brain scans), all of which have drawn a blank. Most people have never considered that posture has a direct link to brain function.

An unstable, semi-collapsed musculoskeletal system cannot efficiently perform its role as an oxygen pump. The impediment goes beyond disrupting the diaphragm and lungs. In a forward head position, the muscles adjacent to the arteries that travel through the neck to the head do not fully assist in the uphill transportation of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. In general, the flexion and extension of muscles help propel blood through the circulatory system. But muscles that are tight or flaccid from disuse cannot do this.

Muscles also allow the eyes to focus and to adjust the amount of light that reaches the photoreceptors of the retinas. These muscles are small and specialized, but like any other muscle, they must have adequate oxygen to operate. As the flow of oxygen diminishes, the muscles of the eye lose their fine- tuning ability.

Starved of oxygen, the muscles lose the ability to quickly and smoothly adjust to changes in light levels and focal plane. Like any muscles that cannot recharge and rejuvenate itself, they underreact, overreact, and generally blunder around trying to do the job. And can’t! The less oxygen they receive, the worse the problem gets. The migraine sufferer rushes to turn out the lights and to cover his or her eyes with a cold towel. The pain is terrible.

To treat migraine and other headaches, we must restore the alignment of all eight load joints and restore oxygen flow.

Wall Frog


1. Lie on your back with your hips up against
the wall.
2. Place the bottom of your feet together against the wall and let your hips and knees drop out to the side.
*The sides of your feet should now be against the wall.
*Keep your tailbone in contact with the floor, scoot out from the wall if your tailbone comes off the floor.
3. Place your arms out to the side at 45 degrees with palms up.
*Keep your stomach, neck and back relaxed.
4. Hold for 2 minutes.

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