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20 Years of Training

The Egoscue Institute has been certifying practitioners in the fundamentals of The Egoscue Method for over 20 years, with a goal of preparing students for a career in our 28 franchise clinics, as an affiliate, or as a franchise clinic owner. The Egoscue certifications teach health practitioners the value of postural therapy in treating people with chronic pain and immobility due to diminished function, and to help health care professionals improve their ability to help their clients.

Treatment Modalities

The combination of postural therapy with other modalities—such as massage therapy, chiropractic, traditional physical therapy, and yoga—has led to an increase in success for therapists in mitigating and eliminating chronic pain and in increasing functional mobility in clients.

Levels of Certification

We offer three levels of online certification and in-person practical training to fit the needs of practitioners at any level. Our certification programs start with the foundation and principles of The Egoscue Method, anatomy and biomechanical understanding. We also offer continuing education and ongoing therapy training to continue to develop therapists and advance their knowledge and understanding.

We Believe

Chronic pain and bodily dysfunction is often caused by the body being out of alignment. Our therapy gives the client the opportunity to put their body back in balance, eliminating the dysfunction and allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

Program Details

Program Curriculum

The Postural Alignment Specialist certification is an accessible and rigorous 3-6 month course that will change the way practitioners look at the human body. Our program is designed to help students grow their skills so they have more to offer clients and can expand their business opportunities. The Institute provides advice on how best to integrate The Egoscue Method® into an existing therapy practice by connecting you with other health professionals and providing a hands-on practical application of postural therapy to a variety of clients.

How To Get Started

The Institute is committed to making the curriculum affordable, accessible, and specific to your interests and needs. Whether you want to take just one course or would like to experience a more diverse curriculum, we have the right program for you!

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Course Outline

Postural Alignment Specialist Certification

The PAS certification is designed to help you reach your professional goals and realize your desire to make a difference in the lives of others. As a certified Postural Alignment Specialist, you will have the knowledge on how to assist clients in eliminating chronic pain through a series of gentle, corrective exercises. This method of postural therapy enables pain sufferers to free themselves from chronic pain and regain proper function of the body.Our program favors an immersion approach. Just like learning a foreign language, results are best when students surround themselves with The Method at every opportunity. With all the tools the Institute provides its students, you will be delivering a high level of therapy quicker than you might expect. If your clients are experiencing pain, there is no time to waste!

This bundle includes the following 16 courses:

  • Posture Identification
  • Symptoms vs Dysfunction
  • Functional Testing
  • Introduction to E-cises
  • Menu Generation
  • Application to Sports
  • PAS I Functional Mobility Practical Application
  • PAS I Online/In-Person Seminar
  • Postural Explanation
  • Gait Analysis
  • Cause and Effect
  • Exercise Implementation
  • Investigating Case Studies
  • Functional Strength & Conditioning
  • PAS II Anatomical Practical Application
  • PAS II Online/In-Person Seminar

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