A Letter From Pete Egoscue

My name is Pete Egoscue, welcome to our Egoscue family. During stressful times like these, we humans need the comfort and reassurance that comes from our daily interactions with those we know and trust. With the current national policies in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus—shelter in place and other social limitations—it’s even more important that we stay connected to our friends and families so we can flourish.

For more than 30 years here at Egoscue, we have understood this basic human need and perfected the ability to help others solve their physical pain problems remotely. Today, using current technologies like FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom, we stay connected with Digital Therapy and provide postural therapy to thousands of our clients as we together solve their chronic pain issues. I encourage each of you suffering chronic physical pain to let us join you in the comfort of your own home with our personalized remote therapy process.

Let us walk you through the easy to understand, step-by-step use of this wonderful capability. You will find a personalized connection and effective therapy process unequaled anywhere in the world. We are here to listen and help.

For questions and next steps, reach out to your Therapist directly or check the Digital Therapy page for more ways to connect.

Pete Egoscue
Founder of The Egoscue Method

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