6 Tips for Long Term Egoscue Success

6 Tips for Long Term Egoscue Success


Some of our readers are new clients. Others have been with us for years.

Either way, you know how easy and effective Egoscue is at removing aches, pains, and limitations.

Whether you just started out or you’ve achieved your goals with us, how do you ensure that your success with Egoscue remains sustainable long-term?

Your therapists at Egoscue brainstormed and came up with the top 6 ways to make sure you live life to the fullest!

  • For many of us, our morning routine is our strongest routine, so that’s a great place to tack on a new habit. Do your menu in the morning, and at the same time each morning.  If morning’s aren’t your thing, find a consistent time of day when you can do your menu.  Doing your exercises around the same time each day will help ingrain the activity into your life. 
  • Your body needs to be challenged regularly, so don’t get stuck doing the same menu day in and day out.  Change it up every week or month to give your posture and body the functional design movements it needs to stay pain-free.  Making regular changes to your menu also ensures your adapting your exercises as your body changes and helps you continue to make steady progress.
  • Encourage family involvement and ask a loved one to do a menu with you.  Sharing why you are doing it and how it is helping you can reinforce your commitment to Egoscue.  Plus, setting up social support is a great way to add an extra element of fun, hold yourself accountable, and share a healthy habit with the people you care about.
  • Be present while doing your menu! It’s easy to go through the motions quickly and say you’ve completed a daily menu.  It’s better practice to focus on technique and reap all the benefits an e-cise has to offer. Re-visit the pictures and instructions now and then.  Slow it down, breathe, and recognize how your body responds to the stimulus you’re giving it.
  • Know your why. Whether you are looking to get out of pain, prevent pain from returning, or help your body move better, there is a reason you are investing your time and energy into doing Egoscue.  Keeping that front of mind, even as it evolves over time, can help you stay motivated.
  • Stay in contact with your therapist! We are here to help in any way we can.  Call us if you have questions, need to review an e-cise you haven’t done in a while, or just to say hi and check in!
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