Kathy Mulherin

Clinic Director

Egoscue of Reno

775-636-9936 reno@egoscue.com

Originally from San Diego, CA, Kathy received her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology from Chapman University in Orange, CA. Her foundation of sports medicine and biomechanics led her to find Pete Egoscue. Kathy worked as an Egoscue Therapist in the Headquarters under Pete Egoscue from 2000-2002. She owned her own Egoscue Franchise for 7 years in Atlanta, GA, and has also been an independent Egoscue Affiliate. Kathy recently moved to Reno and joined Egoscue Reno as Clinic Director. As a 20 year Egoscue therapist, she is excited to make an impact in the Reno community to enhance health and wellness to a new level.

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