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Supine Groin Progressive in Tower


How to Perform this E-cise™

  1. Lie on the floor with one leg up over a block or chair, bent to 90 degrees.
    • Your arms should be out to your sides at 45 degrees with palms facing up.
  2. Place the other foot in the boot used with the tower.
  3. Place your booted foot on the tower starting at the level advised by your therapist or at the level where an arch begins to form in your lower back.
    • Relax your upper body and let your body adjust at each new level.
  4. Hold as directed on your menu or until your back is flat on the floor.
    • Pay more attention to the flattening of your back than the specified time.
  5. Lower your foot one level on the tower and again hold.
  6. Continue this until your leg is extended straight out on the lowest level, unless directed to do otherwise by your therapist.
  7. Switch legs and repeat the entire sequence.

Fun Facts

Sitting for extended periods throughout the day causes a number of negative side effects to our posture, including loss of our designed spinal curves and short, tight groin muscles. This E-cise helps to reverse the negative effects caused from sitting all day. It also helps to re-educate our hips how to flex and extend properly when we walk.
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