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Assisted Hip Lift


How to Perform this E-cise™

  1. Lie on your back with your feet on the wall, knees bent at about a 90 degree angle.
    • Keep the feet pointing straight up, in line with your knees and hips.
  2. Cross the ankle of one foot to just above the other knee.
    • If doing this lifts your butt off of the floor, then scoot farther away from the wall.
  3. Press the crossed leg toward the wall using your hip muscles.
    • Do not allow your hips to shift to the side.
    • Keep the spine in alignment.
  4. Hold this position as directed on your menu.
  5. Switch sides and repeat.

Fun Facts

Actions such as crossing your legs in a chair should be easily done on both sides of your body. This E-cise helps maintain this ability.
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