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Sitting Elbow Curls w/ Pillow

How to Perform this E-cise™:

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet pointed straight ahead
  2. Roll your hips forward to place an arch in your low back
  3. Place a block or pillow between your knees and press gently with just enough pressure to hold the pillow in place
  4. Place your hands into the golfer's grip on your temples
  5. Hold this starting position; then pull your elbows away from each other to force your upper back muscles to create the work
    • Do not lose your hip position; keep them rolled forward and maintain the arch in your low back
  6. Pull your elbows back and them close them together in front of your face
    • Keep your elbows up at shoulder level, do not let them drop down
  7. Repeat as directed on your menu
What this E-cise™ does:

This exercise promotes bilateral pelvic extension and proper function between the upper and lower body

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