I've Fallen and I CAN Get Up

28 February 2017, 12:00 am
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"I've fallen...and I can't get up!"

There's no doubt in my mind that you remember that commercial. If you're like me, that famous line brings back vivid memories, and I'm guessing we've all seen that commercial more times than we can count. It very often felt as though that commercial was playing on a loop during our favorite show. We would see the images (typically in black-and-white, despite the rest of the commercial being in full-color) of an elderly person laying on the ground, helpless, unable to stand to their feet, crying out for help. And only if they were wearing the special medical device around their neck were they saved. Those other poor black-and-white souls were left to fend for themselves, helpless until a loved-one spontaneously dropped by their house.

While many of us tuned out or changed the channel to avoid listening to that commercial yet again, for others, falling and not being able to get back up is a very real situation. For one such person I met last week, we'll call her "Barbara," falling and being stuck on the ground is a daily worry, and it has been for decades.

Barbara feared tripping on an uneven sidewalk in the city. She feared falling while gardening on a gorgeous spring day. She feared getting tangled up in the neighbor's dog's leash while out for an evening walk. She was living in fear of her own body! She was absolutely caught up in her limiting belief that she needed to minimize her activities in an effort to make it through her day unscathed.

Going for a walk? Not a good idea. 

Taking a bike ride to the local bakery? She couldn't remember the last time that happened.

Going skiing for the first time in years? Not a chance.

In her current condition, skiing was absolutely out of the question, and biking and walking were barely possibilities. And those were just a few of the activities that she was told not to do. 

However, we at Egoscue believe that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If we place proper, functional stimuli on the body through simple exercises designed to restore the overall posture, not only can the body improve, but it can THRIVE.

To show you just how quickly the body can change, take a look at Barbara's before and after photos:

Not only were these photos taken as part of the same session, they were taken a mere 12 minutes apart! Barbara saw incredible postural changes in a very short amount of time.

Gone was her bilateral knee pain.

Gone was her shoulder pain.

And, most importantly, gone was her fear of getting up off the floor.

Actually, she was able to practice getting up from the ground multiple times during her appointment. We took her right to her main fear and gave her the chance to prove to herself that she could do it, physically and mentally. 

In just a few minutes, Barbara's life was completely changed. She was so ecstatic, so elated, that she began crying. Thoughts of walking, gardening, and skiing came flooding back in. A life without limits now not only seemed possible, but she was believing it is possible. 

And that same life is possible for you as well. You don't have to live in pain. Your current diagnose or condition is NOT a death-sentence. Remember that pain is the body's indicator that something isn't happening that should be happening. True, functional work isn't taking place in your joint(s) and/or muscle(s), and other joints and muscles are compensating. When you get the body functioning properly, pain goes away, and your limitations disappear as well! It really is that simple.

I'm happy to report that for Barbara, she now knows that when she falls down, she CAN get back up again!

Now it's your turn--Don't wait! If you have specific questions, contact us today! If you're ready to dive in and work with a clinic, we have them all over the world! If you aren't close by a clinic, we work with clients all over the world via Skype and FaceTime. Somehow, someway, you have to find a way to get your life back, just like Barbara did!

QUESTION: What has been your limiting belief about your body?

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